- At least two members of the team must be capable of navigating by compass and map during the day and night. The team must be able to orientate a map, identify grid references on a map, take a bearing between two points on a map, and understand the impact of magnetic declination.
- The teams must be able to describe what your team will do if it became lost.
- At least one member of the team must hold a minimum qualification of Level One First Aid.
- All team members must be suitably competent in all the disciplines included in the event as specified by the race organizer and be able to complete the event without any assistance from any person other than their own team members.
- Swim 100 m of any stroke.
- Teams must able to do cycling, kayaking and tree climbing.
- Be able to attach their own harness and descending device to a fixed rope and complete the descent under control and safely.
By entering this event, teams acknowledge that they are competent in all skills as stated above to complete such an event.
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